Rode rozen en tortilla's - Laura Esquivel, F. Mendelaar, H. Peteri
2.5 stars It was an entertainable read, but I just don't think that this type of magic realism suits me very well. It reminded me a lot of [b:Of Bees and Mist|6240758|Of Bees and Mist|Erick Setiawan||6423549], which annoyed me to no end. Maybe it was because I read the Dutch translation of both books and the use of language was just horrid at times.

There was a lot of sadness and profanity in [b:Like Water for Chocolate|6952|Like Water for Chocolate|Laura Esquivel||1172473]; two things I didn't really expect. It also involved a lot of plot twists, most of which were unsatisfactory for me. Then again, I might've had the wrong expectations in thinking this was going to be a light and fluffy read.

Positive things for me were the recipes and the unique way they were being used for writing the storyline!