The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes -  Arthur Conan Doyle
I listened to the LibriVox audio edition read by Mark Smith. He has a pleasant voice to listen to before going to bed and that's exactly what I've been doing. Short stories are nice for this purpose anyways, because if you fall asleep while listening, you can just start the story over again or estimate pretty accurately where you left off.

Now about the book itself! It consists of 9 seperate stories and here are my short views on them:

A Scandal in Bohemia 2 stars. Started off nicely, but didn't really go anywhere. Unsatisfying ending as well.

The Red-Headed League 4 stars. W00t! Suspense and a scene involving revolvers!

A Case in Identity 3 stars. It's hard to believe that someone can be so naive as Mary Sutherland is in this one.

The Boscombe Valley Mystery 3 stars. A typical whodunnit story. I liked it.

The Five Orange Pips 3 stars. Great story involving the K.K.K, but a very dissapointing ending! I now know what an orange pip is though.

The Man With the Twisted Lip 2 stars. A bit of an unbelievable plot. Took me a few weeks to NOT fall asleep and finish this story.

The Blue Carbuncle 2.5 stars. The idea was nice, a diamond swallowed by a goose! The ending was, yet again, not very satisfying for me.

The Speckled Band 4 stars. I was scared senseless after listening to this one.

The Engineer’s Thumb 3 stars. A room that can kill you? Scary!

The Noble Bachelor 2 stars. I was hoping for a more enchanting mystery than this.

The Beryl Coronet 3 stars. Solid story, took me awhile to get into though.

The Copper Beeches 4 stars. Sweet stuff! I felt like this creepy story could go anywhere, liked the ending as well.

Onto the next Sherlock Holmes book!