A Discovery of Witches - Deborah Harkness
1.5 stars

The author seems like a very intelligent woman and the ideas in itself are nice (Darwin's evolution theory explaining vampires is very interesting), but my god, the dialogues were just excruciatingly painful. The love story was even worse, if possible. Sadly, this covered about 90% of the book.

There were roughly three action scenes (that I remember at least) which took up 1-2 pages, followed by at least 20 pages of reminiscing about it in a very whiny way. The entire character of the protagonist, Diana Bishop, is also very whiny. Or on the edge of borderline disorder, going from sobbing 'mehmehmeh, have pity on me' to being murderously furious all within the length of one sentence.

I was looking forward to reading part 2 and 3. Now, I have no idea why they won any Goodreads awards...