The Telling - Beverly Lewis
Meh, I think I might've had a little too much Amish fiction recently. The previous books were kind of soothing, but this one just felt like quilt- and making jam-yada yada to me. Also, it was a bit more religious than the previous two, which is not really my cup of tea.

I'm glad the story is finally wrapped up and all the loose endings were tied together, but really, I think it could've been told in 2 books as well. This one mostly involved prayers and heartaches and stretching the latter one out all over the book, to the point where I started to skim a little out of sheer annoyance/boredom. The last two chapters finally gave answers to the questions asked in book 1. Except for the health of Heather-part; that one was saved for the epilogue and was very dissapointing! She was on a juice diet for 10 days and that cured her cancer? Come on!