Over bijen en mist - Erick Setiawan, Anke ten Doeschate, René van Veen
It started out as something I thought I would enjoy: a fairy tale for adults. As the story progressed, I started to like it less and less. I don't know if it was partly due to the Dutch translation, but it all felt like the use of language was very cliché and something I could've written myself.
Somewhere halfway through the book, all (to me) irritating things were starting to add up and I was very close to giving up on it entirely. What irritating things you wonder?

1. How many times do you have to use the word 'womb'? I actually thought of counting the number of times myself, but then thought it was a waste of my time. When I get really bored at some point, I might still do it and add it here, just to give an indication on how ridiculously often this word is being used.
2. The stepmother is evil. Still evil. You thought she wasn't evil? She's evil. Yup, very evil. And still is. OKAY, WE GET IT, SHE'S EVIL!!! I actually said this (after a wee bit of cursing) out loud after reading this sentence: "The next morning, Patina showed up on Willow Lane with welts on her face and cigarette burns on her hands." Seriously?
3. How come every character in this book annoys the living feces out of me? They're all caricatures of themselves. I hated pretty much all of the adult male characters, especially Daniel. The only character I somewhat liked was Meridia, the main character, which was vital to making me able to finish this book. Still, her naivety was something I could barely stand as well. The same goes for the lack of willpower in the beginning of the story. Why would you stay in such a terrible house and with such a [insert bad word] of a husband.
4.Then there were the vulgar scenes and language which I didn't understand the usage of except maybe the author trying to make it clear that this is an ADULT fairy tale. I don't think that this is the way to do it. Adding a couple of obscene scenes to a Harry Potter book doesn't put an adult-stamp on it either; it just makes it look ridiculous and inappropriate.

One thing I'm wondering about is Ahab's home country: "Try us, and we'll ship you back ass first to the windmill hell you came from!". Was this a reference to Holland?

Anyhow, why not give this book one star instead of two after all this negative ranting? Because I finished it in about a week and was hoping for something unexpectedly interesting to happen. So it kept me going until the end. Don't get me started on the ending by the way...Something about forgiving and letting go. No way.