The Pool of Two Moons - Kate Forsyth
It rarely happens that I find the sequel better than the first part, but voilá: here's one of them!
There's a lot more action going on in this book and it's fast paced as well. I could also really appreciate the lack of explanations referring to the first book. It seems as if the author just assumed you read it first...which was great! Especially compared to some series where it's just pages of repetitive scenes to make the new reader catch up with things.

There were only 3 things which slightly annoyed me:

1. Isabeau: My god, she's unbelievably ignorant and naive. No wonder she always messes up and gets caught. This became a lot more clear in this book than in the previous one, when I thought it was just one way of telling a story.

2. Lachlan: SUCH an egoistic and self centered bastard. He's supposed to save the day and all, but ugh, just when I think he's worth a tiny shred of sympathy, he totally ruins things again by being a douchebag. I hope he either becomes a nicer person or a total badass in the next book, but not the asshole hero he is now.

3. Why didn't they use Tòmas to heal the Righ? WHY?! Okay, maybe the story would've been less spectacular if the Righ didn't die, but still. It would've been nice if someone thought of it/suggested it at least. Now it just seemed like everyone else was an Isabeau as well.

All in all it was pretty good book, recommended to lovers of the Fantasy genre who want to try something new and less familiar. You'll like it even better if you're into Scotland as well ;).