Dot and the Kangaroo - Ethel C. Pedley, Frank P. Mahony
Still a lovely, heartwarming story about unconditional kindness towards others, especially animals. After reading some of the reviews here (again!), I was expecting more racism towards the Aboriginals than there actually was. The animals are describing ALL humans as being cruel and stupid; not just the Blacks.

It's a nice story for children in an uncomplicated way, but also in a way that teaches them to have respect for animals and appreciate the beauty of nature. It's also very suitable for adults; I was astonished when the Platypus suddenly burst into song about certain aspects of Natural History. The author seemed very well informed on the matter (especially regarding the time it was written in)which was a delightful surprise for me!

All in all, a good read with elements of adventure, excitement, sadness and laughter, plus a nice bonus if you're interested in the Australian Bush/wildlife. Now if only someone knew where to find those berries of Understanding...