Kerewin - Keri Hulme, Anneke Bok
During the first 10 pages or so, I thought I was never going to get through the entire 791 of them. Keri Hulme's writing style is very different from anything I've ever read before. Then, like eyes adjusting to darkness, I suddenly 'got it'. The next 500 pages were a feast to read. Mysteries surrounding the main three characters popped up and I was anxious to discover all of them. I read 250 pages on the first day...

Then, about 2/3 in the book, something happened; everything got turned upside down, inside out, and I lost track of things. Thankfully, later on in the story, the characters look back at what actually happened, but it's still not a 100% clear to me as to what triggered it all.

The last 200 pages or so were all dipped into some kind of Maori based hallucinogenic prose (I really don't know how else to describe it). There were interesting parts, beautiful parts, but in general, my thoughts were "What a shame!". In the end, we're still not given a lot of answers to the questions that are presented throughout the entire book, leaving me with a kind of unsatisfied hollow feeling. Maybe I should read it again sometime in the future in the hope I can find answers between the lines or something.

I would've given this 4 stars if the ending was more satisfying. Hence 3 stars now. Maybe even 3.5 stars because I really DID enjoy the biggest part of the book.