Oryx and Crake - Margaret Atwood
Still pondering on whether I should give it 4 or 5 stars. It was a GREAT book. Atwood's writing style has again surprised me, it's done in a very intelligent way: weaving past and present together flawlessly. And just as in The Edible Woman, it was simplistic, easy to follow and latch onto, yet I've never learned so many new English words! She chooses to use the more eloquent synonyms for describing things, which is lovely.

As for the story: brilliant. Especially since the book came out in 2003 and the internet hype was not as extensive yet as it is now.
There also has been international awareness on global warming for decades now, but never on the scale it is today. In Oryx and Crake, Atwood's speculative look into the future can be creepily realistic. As a student of Environmental Sciences, I have learned a lot about the problems described in this book and the futuristic hell we can expect if things don't change. Which makes this story even more scary, because so much of it could become reality.

The scientific parts were very well done, yet it never became TOO scientific. Everytime I picked up the book before going to bed, I found myself still reading after an hour, because it was so exciting. Will he make it? What's going to happen now?!

Even though the book ends with a cliffhanger, it's a very appropriate cliffhanger to end the first book of a thrilogy with. Atwood wraps the story up nicely; basically everything is explained. The things we wanted to know in THIS book at least. The next book will pretty much just be the next chapter with new storylines implemented. I will definitely start reading it as soon as possible!