The Waste Lands - Stephen King, Ned Dameron
After browsing through the comments here before starting to read this book, which ALWAYS turns out to be a bad idea so far, I was under the impression I was going to surf on the waves of Boredom for over 400 pages. Nothing supposedly happened and King was being as incoherent as a toddler with ADD.
Well. I enjoyed it. It was exciting. A lot happened. There!
Without mentioning any big time spoilers, I say: Shardik, the Doorkeeper/the cross-over, demons, the bridge incident (which literally had me sitting on the edge of my seat), Blaine...
Things that gave ME a slight adrenaline rush for sure.

The reason I didn't give it 4 stars is because I'm not likely to read this book again in the next 10 years or so. It was fun and nice and a hell of a ride sometimes, but I've read it: on to the next part in the series! Another reason for not giving it that extra star was the abrupt ending. I'm glad I don't have to wait years for the sequel. That must've been very frustrating. Then again, if King says he didn't want to push it, this ending is probably better than a bad attempt to wrap things up.

All in all, I would give it 3.5 stars if this were an option and I'm very curious to see what Ron Howard's going to make of it on the big screen!