Verhalen uit het oude Ierland - Malachy Doyle
I really enjoyed reading one story from this book every night before going to bed. Too bad it was only a short collection! Luckily for me, on the last page, there's a small piece of background text on each story, describing where it originates from and with references to some of the other books they were found in:
[b:Traditional Irish Fairy Tales|377663|Traditional Irish Fairy Tales|James Stephens||367498] and [b:Myths and Folk Tales of Ireland|1294006|Myths and Folk Tales of Ireland|Jeremiah Curtin||1283112] being two of those which I will definitely read sometime.

The kind of illustrations that are used are usually not exactly my cup of tea, but they suited these stories very well and they certainly grew on me.

I initially wanted to give this 4 stars, but decided to go for 3.5 stars instead due to the numerous typo's found in the Dutch translation. I really don't understand how you can make so many mistakes; it's basically printed in something close to letter font 16, there are a lot of illustrations, so it's not 96 pages full of text's 96 pages. I obviously don't know if this is the same case with the original version. If not, four stars it is for that one!

Oh, and last but not least, kudos for the pronunciation guide in the beginning! I had a lot of fun with that.