Folded Dreams - the Beginning - Pearl Kirkby
I have to admit; it's pretty hard to review this one because it's a strange little book. However, it captivated me from the get-go.

In the beginning, I thought it was going to be about a little girl growing up amidst domestic violence or some other horrible circumstances. That wasn't precisely the case...apart from the horrible circumstances? After a couple of chapters, I was reminded of one of my all-time favourite movie characters, Carol Anne Freeling, and I was particularly reminded of this scene with her in it:
(yes folks, I can't say the greatest acting skills are being displayed here, but *shrugs*, I love this movie anyways)

Just when you think Folded Dreams is also all about a girl with supernatural powers (which it seems like during the first few chapters), it isn't really. Not in the conventional sense, at least.
What this story is really about, is life, and death not being the end of it.

I consider myself to be pretty down-to-earth, but when it comes to the afterlife, I like to believe anything is possible. What I loved about Folded Dreams was that it doesn't just address paranormal spirituality, but it also discusses Einstein and the lovely Richard Feynman. I once read a book about quantum physics and Buddhism (my husband's going to roll his eyes again when he reads this) and thought it was really fascinating.
Not all too long ago, people still called certain forms of science 'magic'. I'm sure that a lot of things which can't be explained yet in 2016, will eventually be explained throughout the means of science. A quote from Folded Dreams:

"Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist."

And I believe that wholeheartedly when it comes to certain things.

It's because of this and because of Pearl's writing skills (I was too scared to finish the book before going to bed), that I'm giving it four brownies. If you want to try something quirky, scary, and thoughtful, I can recommend this one for sure. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but isn't that the case with all books anyways?

Folded Dreams - The Beginning is originally a novella, but Pearl is working on turning it into a full novel as we speak. Or she considers the novella to be more of a prequel to the actual novel. You can find the first five chapters of that one for free here on Goodreads!

A big thank you to Pearl Kirkby, for giving me a review copy in exchange for an honest opinion!